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Cultural Programme Held at Silver Jubilee Celebration

Cultural program was held at venue which was totally organized & participated by employee's. It was really surprising to see their skills apart from professional skills.

Silver Jubilee Celebration Party

Our Silver Jubilee Celebration Party. We believe in "work hard and party harder" policy. This is how everyone was enjoying.

Celebrating 25 Years Of Success


SIMA Labs Celebrates 25 yrs of existence. During this 25 yrs of period SIMA Labs has grown up like any young person of 25 year of age. It is that period of life when strength, intelligence & performance are at their youthful best. This occasion merits pride & celebrations.


SIMA’s 25th anniversary celebration signifies an uplifting story of continuous transformation and growth. Our company has transformed itself from a very small player to one of the leading PAN INDIA company in this sector.

Celebrating 25 Years of Serving to Environment

We at SIMA Lab's are celebrating 25th years of successful establishment, togetherness & existence.

Wait! Are you sure, you are not drinking Contaminated Hazardous Metal Water?

#News Published in #TOI, Report Tested by #SIMALABS

The samples was tested by SIMA Labs, The results were disturbing. The water contained

excess traces of lead, sulphides, mercury, cadmium, iron, manganese, nickel. “I have

surveyed 55 villages so far, which are all facing similar health problems, “Singh said,

Doctors, however, caution against jumping the gun.

"In the absence of specific data and lack of a pattern in the cases of types of cancer, it is

hard to say which carcinogenic agent is prompting such high number of cases. Regarding

heavy metals, there is no evidence that these agents cause #Cancer, but they are certainly

dangerous in the long run, “Dr Singhal said.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, senior consultant, medical oncologist, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

and Research Centre, New Delhi, was of a different view though. "All heavy metals are

carcinogenic agents but do not affect immediately.

We need to think before drinking a glass of water. We need to ensure that the things like

water should be pure and without contaminated.

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Lab Testing News.

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